Do Florists Need Refrigerated Vans?

While many florists rely on their vehicle’s air conditioning to keep their flowers fresh during delivery, you may want to consider purchasing a refrigerated truck if you’re ready to take your delivery service to a new level. Investing in a refrigerated flower-delivery vehicle will help you ensure that your flowers stay fresh and beautiful from door to door.

Maintaining the “cold chain”

The air conditioning in your van is only on when the car is on. If you’re driving straight to the delivery destination, this bit of cool air might be enough to keep your flowers from wilting. However, what happens if you’re making multiple stops or taking a lunch break between deliveries? As your business grows and your delivery load increases, it’s important to have the ability to precisely control the temperature of your flowers through refrigerated flower delivery. If you’re not keeping your delivery vehicle at a consistent temperature, you risk exposing your flowers to damaging heat. Maintaining the “cold chain” is especially important if you also regularly deliver fresh fruit because the ethylene gas produced by fruits can drastically decrease the lifespan of flowers in warm, enclosed environments.

Optimal temperature for optimum quality

The air conditioning for your car may provide a perfectly pleasant driving environment for you, but your flowers will do a lot better if they’re kept a little cooler in transport refrigeration. Studies have shown that the best temperature range for most cut flowers is between 33 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping flowers in this range during deliveries minimizes wilting, prevents fruits from releasing ethylene gas and can help give flowers a longer lifespan after they reach their destination. By transporting your flowers in refrigerated vans, you can rest assured that your flowers will still be in prime condition when they reach your customer.

Delivering customer satisfaction

Customers rely on your business to consistently provide beautiful, high-quality floral arrangements. You want to make sure that your flowers exceed your customers’ expectations with each and every delivery, and that’s why investing in flower delivery vans empowers you to provide the very best service you can to your customers.

If you’re ready to let your business grow and flourish, then investing in refrigerated transport will give your company the edge it needs to stand out from the competition. Contact Zanotti to learn more about how our refrigerated transport solutions can help bring your flower deliveries to the next level.


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