Continuing the Cold Chain with a Reefer Truck

The cold chain has revolutionized the shipping and trucking industry. The cold chain means that temperature-sensitive products like food, cosmetics and even pharmaceuticals can stay fresh even if they’re being shipped across great distances.

The Importance of the Cold Chain

Bananas shipped from South America to North America or cosmetics from the United States to France shouldn’t be spoiled upon arrival, and the cold chain is a huge part of that. The cold chain is a term used in logistics and transport. In order to preserve the cold chain, it’s necessary to keep each product at the right temperature through each step of the journey. For example, when an item of food is transported from a ship to a truck, it’s necessary that a temperature increase doesn’t spoil the food while it’s waiting to be attached to the truck on the docks.

If the cold chain is broken, it means that a sensitive item wasn’t maintained at the proper temperature at some point in the journey. A broken cold chain leads to food spoilage, medicine degrading and even flowers wilting before they reach the consumer. The product can be ruined, which adds up to huge financial losses and dissatisfied customers. Unfortunately, research from the University of Nottingham has shown that in the developed world, anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of food loss is due to waste and spoilage. That means the cold chain is often breaking down, leading to food waste during transport and storage that is hurting both business and consumers alike. The good news is that as the cold chain is improved across the world, it could help reduce global hunger on a massive scale.

How a Reefer Truck Can Help

A reefer truck, or refrigerated truck, plays a vital role in the cold chain. Imagine a gourmet cheese is shipped from Switzerland to the United States. The cold chain helps keep this dairy item preserved all the way across the ocean and into a grocery store.

However, that’s not the end of the cold chain. The cold chain is also essential for local deliveries. The grocery store might then want to deliver this dairy product to a customer in the area. That’s where a reefer truck is necessary to keep the gourmet cheese at the perfect temperature until it reaches the door of the customer who placed the order. By using the reefer truck, the cold chain is successfully maintained.

If you’re responsible for maintaining the cold chain for temperature-sensitive goods for your business, it’s never a good idea to be without a reefer truck. Without one, you’ll be breaking the cold chain. That means unsatisfied customers, ruined products and potential financial loss. You don’t need to be a global shipper, but you’re still an important part of the cold chain process, even if you’re just delivering items to local shops in your region.


As you can see, reefer trucks play a vital role in the cold chain. If you want to protect your business and products, it’s important to consider investing in a reefer truck. With the right one, you can be sure that you’ll satisfy your customers and keep them coming back to your business time after time.

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