Do You Need a Refrigerated Van for Your Business?

Refrigerated vans, also known as reefer trucks, can be a game-changing investment for many businesses. Ownership of a refrigerated van offers huge growth opportunities, protects your goods and ensures high levels of customer satisfaction. Here are four benefits of a refrigerated truck you shouldn’t miss out on.

Cold Chain Integrity from Beginning to End

For businesses like food delivery companies, grocery stores and florists, a refrigerated van is key to preserving the cold chain. Without it, food can spoil, flowers can wilt, and even products like cosmetics can degrade. These products are often initially shipped in refrigerated containers directly to your business. If you aren’t continuing to properly refrigerate these items, you’re breaking the cold chain. With a refrigerated van, you can ensure that your items are protected each step of the way and delivered to your customers in prime condition.

Grow Your Business

Companies that want to succeed need to make the right investments. Refrigerated trucks allow you to transport items in higher volumes, which helps increase your company’s ROI. Refrigerated vans also allow you to increase the number of drop-offs or stops you can perform in a day, further driving sales and offering you the flexibility you need to meet customer demands. Looking to expand your lineup of products? Refrigerated trucks allow you to easily adjust climate conditions to take on new items as you grow your business.

Go the Distance

When dealing with perishable goods, distance is often a huge factor. With a refrigerated truck, you can spend more time on the road and go further without harming the integrity of your products. At the same time, refrigerated vans allow you to cool the entire storage area of a van, meaning you can fit more goods in one trip. Refrigerated trucks also allow you to keep your products cool even if you have many stops along the way by responding to increases in temperature everytime you open or close your doors during a stop. These temperature regulation mechanisms help keep products cool over the long haul. As a result, you go wherever your clients need you to go, building your reputation for service along the way.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

All too often, small business owners are transporting valuable goods in a haphazard manner. If you find yourself cranking up the AC or storing goods in a cooler, your business is eventually going to suffer from the appearance that you’re less than professional. A refrigerated van protects your goods and instills customer confidence in your product and service.

Ultimately, businesses that invest in a refrigerated truck are putting one foot ahead of the competition by properly protecting their customers and products. Speak with Zanotti, the industry leader in refrigerated transport, about how we can help your business with refrigerated vans that provide long-term value and reliability.


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