Should I Invest In a Reefer?

As your business grows and the number of deliveries you make increases, you may want to start considering refrigerated-transport options. While using coolers or blasting your vehicle’s air conditioning when making deliveries can keep your products cool in the short-term, it isn’t a scalable or reliable solution. The truth is that your car’s air-conditioning system is meant for people, not goods. Investing in a refrigerated-transport system or “reefer truck” will help you get much better delivery results by preserving the quality of your products during shipping.

Minimize loss during deliveries

Keeping perishable goods consistently cold is a key consideration in making sure they stay fresh. Foods that spoil easily such as meat and poultry need to remain at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the delivery process. Flowers also need to stay cool to ensure that they don’t wilt before they reach their destination. A refrigeration unit gives you complete control over the temperature of your products, unlike a regular air-conditioning system. No matter what you’re delivering, a refrigerated truck guarantees that your goods stay at the optimal temperature.

Satisfy customers with better service

For small businesses, providing top-quality products and stellar customer service are critical components of success. Your customers will have peace of mind that you’re taking special care with their orders if you deliver with a refrigerated truck. They’ll know that they can rely on your company for consistently high-quality products that arrive at their door in perfect condition.

Invest in your company’s future

The National Resources Defense Council has estimated that up to 12 percent of fruit and vegetable stock are lost due to spoilage during the distribution and shipment of these products. You can help reclaim that portion of your stock by using transport-refrigeration vehicles that will always keep your products at the optimal temperature until they reach their final destination. By investing in options like refrigerated vans, you’re helping to eliminate waste and optimize your profit margins overall.

Whether you’re delivering food, flowers, or other perishables, a reefer truck and other refrigerated containers can make a significant impact on your bottom line. While specialized delivery trucks require an upfront financial investment, having a refrigerated transport system is a valuable resource for your business and is definitely worth the cost in the long run. Contact Zanotti to learn more about our high-quality refrigeration solutions and how they can benefit your business today.


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