3 Reasons to Heat Your Reefer

Reefers — mobile refrigerated containers — are an important part of the shipping process and are absolutely integral to the transport of perishable items, medical tissue and other highly sensitive items. Reefers make it possible to keep the cold chain unbroken during transport, and thus are invaluable to small business owners and truckers whose livelihood depends on delivering their goods without damage.

So why would you heat a reefer?

While reefers function primarily to keep items cool, there are a few cases when it becomes necessary to heat a reefer in order to create the optimum shipping temperature, even during the winter. Here are three reasons why heating a reefer might just be a good idea.

1. Prevent Liquids From Freezing

Many people assume that reefers are only needed during the summer months to prevent shipments from getting too hot. But what that ignores is that many shipments can get too cold — especially during the winters when shipments might be traveling across the northern parts of North America, where temperatures can drop well below freezing. At this point, you’re not worried about your shipment spoiling — but if you’re shipping liquids, then you should be worried about them freezing. When liquids freeze, they expand, which means they can crack their shipping containers, leading to ruined shipments. A heated reefer can prevent this by maintaining the optimum temperature inside your van.

2. Maintain Even Temperatures

One quick-fix for shipping in sub-zero temperatures is to use heating blankets or blanket wraps, which cover part of the shipment and help isolate it from the cold. The problem is that this method doesn’t provide all-over, even coverage. Worse, blanket wraps serve only as insulation, which means their effectiveness declines on longer drives with more exposure to the elements. A heated reefer, on the other hand, keeps a steady temperature throughout.

3. Quickly Adapt to Unexpected Weather Conditions

Winter weather can be unpredictable, which means sometimes you might pack a shipment only to later discover that you needed to heat the shipping area because of an unexpected polar vortex. Using a heated reefer can take the unexpected out of the equation, allowing small business owners to trust that their shipments will arrive unharmed, no matter which way the weather turns.

Despite the name, the cold chain is really about maintaining optimal temperatures — colder in the summer and warmer in the winter. Heated reefers, like those made by Zanotti, are an integral part of this chain, which helps ensure hassle-free, guaranteed shipments year-round, so you can get on with your business.

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