For Dealers
When you sell Zanotti, you are offering products from an industry-leader in refrigeration manufacturing with 50 years experience brought to you by Milea Distribution's reputation in the truck sales industry. By working with us, you will be aligned with Milea Distribution's network including a full inventory of new units and replacement parts with staff on hand to assist with all of your technical questions. Milea is committed to the highest levels of satisfaction for both your customers and your dealership.

Certified with the highest quality and safety standards
Full inventory on hand and available
Trusted in refrigeration for 50 years
Partner with Zanotti

Partnering with Zanotti brought to you by Milea Distribution and becoming a certified dealer and installer gives you a unique advantage. Our products are quieter, more powerful and economical from both a maintenance and fuel consumption standpoint making them more appealing to the end user. Our dealers work directly with us for service, warranty and parts related issues.

Milea Distribution is part of Milea Auto Group, in business for more than 33 years. We've partnered with Zanotti to pair our amazing distribution network with an amazing products. Our business was built on reputation and we are confident when associating our name with a great product line such as Zanotti's. With a central distribution hub in New York City and availability throughout the east coast, we're committed to providing the highest level of service.